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Our aspiration is to offer you with our achievement spectrum a completely optimal care. You receive from us experience and competence. Thus we offer, for example, the aromatic therapy, Moxa therapy, the Hot Stone massage and the pain therapy. Should you have questions to single offers of the practice, do not hesitate you and appeal to us. We inform you extensively and with pleasure.

From December exclusively

the pain therapy

accorded to Liebscher and Bracht

just us in all of south palatinate!


Since 1st of January our practice is licensed for every health insurance company!


Your team from the Natura - Massev practice!

Gérard Pringarbe


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The opening hours


Monday - Thursday

9. 00 - 12. 00 o´ clock

14. 00 - 19.00 o´ clock


9. 00 - 12. 00 o´ clock

14. 00 - 17.00 o´ clock